BipolarCoaster is a blog about the ups and downs of bipolar disorder as well as other neurodivergencies, including autism and ADHD.

Dr. Elliot Gavin Keenan, author of On Being Insane (in sane places), is a bipolar and autistic transgender person (he/him pronouns) with a PhD in Psychology.

You can find links to all of my published works on the writing tab, and you can also find my information (including my CV) on my Carrd.

Latest from the Blog

Medication review: Abilify (aripiprazole)

Do you remember the TV commercials for Abilify? At the time, it was being marketed in such a way that a lot of people thought it was an antidepressant. It’s not, though. Abilify is most definitely an antipsychotic, primarily indicated for schizophrenia and bipolar disorder, and it comes with the full list of potential side…

Medication review: Lithium

To kick off my series of medication reviews, I have to start with lithium. It has a certain symmetry that is almost beautiful: it saves my life every day by reducing the amplitude of my bipolar symptoms, yet in excess, it almost took my life. I couldn’t get the metallic taste out of my mouth…

If Autism Isn’t a Mental Illness, What Is?

My name is Elliot. I’m an autistic psychologist with bipolar 1 disorder (and ADHD). I’ve been mentioned in passing [1] [2] in news articles about autistic autism researchers, but I prefer to keep on the science side of things. I usually only use Twitter for personal entertainment, sometimes biting my tongue as I weigh the…

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