BipolarCoaster is a blog about the ups and downs of bipolar disorder as well as other neurodivergencies, including autism and ADHD.

Elliot Gavin Keenan (author of On Being Insane: in search of my missing pieces) is a bipolar and autistic transgender person (he/him pronouns) and a PhD student studying psychology at the University of California, Los Angeles.

You can find links to all of my published works on the writing tab, and you can find my other information on my Carrd.

Latest from the Blog

Dirty Dyl (Art Therapy)

Dirty Dyl (Art Therapy) I.Dirty Dyl, known for his ostentatious attitude(typical of a manic persona)wants to have a rap battlein the middleof the TV room. Dirty Dyl, who lostphone privileges on his first nightdialing 911:I’m being heldhostage at South OaksHospital, he said& then screamed &shouted & started to cry — I ask him if poetry … Read More

Happy World Bipolar Day!

I am bipolar type 1. 🎭 That is the most severe form of bipolar disorder. (Bipolar 2 can have very severe depression, but because it doesn’t have severe mania it doesn’t progress along the same course. Something like that.) I’ve been inpatient 18 times, and I’ve been discharged from the ER a few additional times … Read More

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